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11th-Feb-2006 03:36 am(no subject)
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It's just an ominous large storm cloud,
Hovering over my very head,
It's only an ominous large storm cloud,
And I don't know when I will be dead.

Anyone knows that a storm cloud,
never glows green, no, not a bit.
It's now drifting around, and I am so down
while waiting for lightning to hit...

So much for making light of this situation...and to all of you Death Eaters, yes...I AM taunting you!



Poor Kanga. The kitten's been mewing anxiously all evening. Now I truly know what soldiers in battle feel like as they watch the charging enemy quickly approaching. Would it be considered folly to say that we have moments remaining still to stop all of this? I just...I cannot even think of giving up, even if I am literally staring death in the face right now.
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Alright. I have made my amends. I have tied up loose ends. I have had my 10 minutes of utter shock.

Now what is the next course of action? Every minute that passes by unused is a minute wasted. So the book was stolen by an Animagus Death Eater. Yet all is not lost.

We all saw what happened last time. We saw the signs that preceded that...occurrence, and I am not about to sit around and watch history repeat itself again.

To Harry, Hermione and Ron...I will let you know of this ahead of time. I have just returned from a meeting with the other professors. Hogwarts will be closing, although instead of going home, I urge the three of you to come to Grimmauld. I too shall be going there after the students have left.
30th-Jan-2006 03:10 am(no subject)
sad, grieving
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20th-Jan-2006 04:24 am(no subject)
thoughtful, stern, inner strength
What brought about this sudden stream of first and second years to my office? Can I not even think without being interrupted? I suppose I should not be sore at the students, bless them...the poor dears. But honestly! All this fuss over a storm!?! What is all this talk about green rainless clouds and green lightning? If this is merely something my students are conspiring to escape homework, they have another thing comi-


To all students,

I think I believe you now...

It is apparent that we are experiencing some very strange weather phenomenon this evening. Therefore I believe it would be in your best interests if you stayed inside tonight. An unpredictable storm warning shall most likely be issued and placed in effect until 6am tomorrow morning.

Close any windows, doors and just...


Just stay inside.

- Professor Hestia Jones-Dillingham

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18th-Jan-2006 03:19 am(no subject)
To all of my students,

Forgive me for being quiet as of late. You would be too, if you almost died. Things have been very hectic for me to say the least, and I daresay that they must be quite busy for all of you as well.

Forgive me. I must have a blotchy quill.

At any rate, I have not had much time to make lesson plans for this week, I shall admit to that. Although that is all well and good for me, since we are in fact a good bit ahead of schedule. Certainly none of you would mind a few days off, eh?

I believe I will allow these next few class periods for all of you to catch up on whatever subject you are behind in, may it be homework assignments or reading. End of the year exams are approaching, after all, and this would give you all the ample opportunity to begin your studying. Now none of you can say that I do not remember what it was like being a student. I certainly do remember. These are tough times, and I understand how much pressure being a student could be.

That being said, I shall see you all in class.

- Prof. Hestia Jones-Dillingham


...no. I can't.

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thoughtful, stern, inner strength
Aslan is at the Stone Table.

Jadis is on the move.

Seeking out Fenris-bane.
29th-Nov-2005 07:41 pm(no subject)
thoughtful, stern, inner strength
[Hexed private]
He is getting better, or so that is what the healers tell me. He still does not remember much at all about what had happened, although when night comes around, he would often wake up screaming from his nightmares. I have tied bells to his wrists, as Healer Pye suggested me to do, as Hart has been observed on one occasion, while still in the throes of his dream, trying to struggle from his bed and flee. I do not remember the last time I have slept for a full hour, although I will remain by my husband's side and keep a constant vigil on him until he has fully recovered.

I cannot help but feel partially responsible, bringing him into this. It should have been me. Why couldn't it have been me? Had I known...I would have given anything to take his place...

I cannot lose him now.

I have a score to settle now...
thoughtful, stern, inner strength
Are you seeing this? It is evident now that all is not well. Even I am asking myself at times that without Dumbledore, what hope have we to come against the enemy? Yet I suppose it is his wish that we hold up the defenses regardless, even in light of the dismal happenings as of late. We have waited and watched long enough.

I think that the get-together at Grimmauld would have to be moved to an earlier date, and the sooner the better. I believe an Order meeting is long overdue. We must make this late at night as well, as I do not wish to alarm the students more than they already are.
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